An Email is an electronic message transmitted over a network from one user to another. It
Can be as simple as a few lines of text, or include attachments such as pictures or documents.
Email made up 75% of network traffic soon after the introduction of the internet. "Dominic Borelli"

There are 3 types of incoming mail servers:

  1. HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol servers allow web-based e-mail.
  2. POP or Post Office Protocol was designed to allow offline e-mail management. (old technology it was followed by POP3)
  3. IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol (new)
    • With POP you download email from the mail server to your PC then disconnect from the mail server. (Brandon)

Email Basics

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There are two parts of an email message: the header and the Body.

The Header contains addressing information, such as who sent the message, who the message is sent to, and when the message was sent.

The Body contains the content of the message.

Sending an Email

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When sending an email, you need to write the email address of the person(s) that you would like to send the email to. The Image to the right shows an email client. To send an email you need to enter the email address in the "To" box. There is also a "CC" and a "BCC"

"To" Contains the email addresses of the reciplients. This is a mandatory entry. You may enter multiple email addresses in this box. All email addresses entered in the "To" box will be able to see other email addresses that have been added to the "To" box.

"CC" stands for Carbon Copy. The list of CCed recipients is visible to all other recipients of the message.

"BCC" stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Recipients listed in the BCC field receive a copy of the message, but are not shown on any other recipient's copy

"Subject" contains the main topic of the message. Keep this brief. Recipients see this in their summary of income emails.

"Attachment" contains the names of files that you may be sending. For example, a word processing document or a spreadsheet.

A valid email address consists of a userid and a host address.
For example: moc.drahcro.elppa|senoja#moc.drahcro.elppa|senoja
Userid: ajones
Host address:

Popular Email Clients

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Microsoft Outlook
Yahoo! Mail
Apple Mail
AOL Mail

News about Email

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The most up to date news that is related to email can be found here: Email News on Google

Recent news articles:
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Pop Culture / Humor

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"Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham

Further Reading

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